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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

I invite you to visit my different series of artwork on the links below
Morelscape web sidebar header 180
A collection of my morel and mushroom inspired artwork.
SONG SHADOW sidebar 180
This is a collection of my music influenced artwork
Buckeye Country Store 175 Header
A collection of my Ohio State Buckeye licensed artwork
Virtue Vice blog 180
A collection of my more thought provoking art
Pencil Art sidebar 200
My Pencil Art Gallery
My other sports art beyond the Buckeyes


  • Vintage Wine Fest 2011 Booth
    A collection of photos of the Buckeye Country Art gallery at Phantasm Designs in Ottawa Ohio and booth exhibits from various art shows and exhibits.

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  • Artex catalog cover Mountain lion
    I worked at Artex Hobby Products from 1976-1978 and met some fabulous people while employed there. They moved to South Carolina and my wife and I decided to stay here in Ohio as we were just starting our family. Artex Hobby Products was a company that sold roll-on hobby embroidery paints. They had a great art dept. that created many illustrations that were printed on fabric like the old paint by number products. The buyers would purchase a design that they liked and use the roll-on paints to finish the picture. I worked in the marketing dept. that created the catalogs. flyers and marketing products for the company. On occasion I was able to submit sketches and ideas to the art dept. for possible inclusion in the Artex seasonal catalogs. This was my first art related employment and I included this album to give the viewer an idea of where I started.

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